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Gifts & Gift Certificates & Supplies

I'm not yet able to do these transactions online but if you live in NE Ohio, I'll meet you someplace so you can get the Zentangle articles you need.

Zentangle Kit     $49

The kit starts with a beautiful book shaped box in which to store all your new Zentangle materials. It contains an instructional booklet and DVD, 2 of the Sakura pens, 2 pencils, a sharpener and 34 tiles. 

The Book of Zentangle  $40

Rick & Maria say, "This book shows beautiful images to inspire your Zentangle creations. This book describes our thought process and approach so you can understand what informed our choices as we created the Zentangle method. This book has suggestions for many activities and relates other tanglers' stories so you can explore more fun and additional benefits from a Zentangle practice. This book is also a good reference guide to all things Zentangle with its glossary, notes, bibliography and index."

Gift Certificates   $35 

If you would like to make a gift of a lesson (or two), I will create a personalized Zentangle tile for them. On the back, it will say the certificate entitles them to a Zentangle lesson. The $35 will include supplies.

Tiles, Pens, Shirts, etc.

You may purchase items directly from me  and save shipping charges. (Unless I have to ship them to you!)

© 2012 by The Joy of Tangling!

* Judy Montgomery * 216-346-5386 * *

Use Zentangle® designs to create beautiful art, have fun & put yourself into a relaxed, focused state of mind.

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